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Natural Kintsugi Repair Kit

Natural Kintsugi Repair Kit

SKU: A4261-1
175,00 €Price

This Kintsugi kit uses only Ki-urushi lacquer, the most natural type of lacquer, made of lacquer sap from which impurities have been removed. To repair broken pottery, earth is mixed with lacquer to fill a crack, then some flour and sawdust is added in order to refill the broken part. The ivory-colored lacquer freshly taken from lacquer trees changes to a transparent candy-color when exposed to air. It turns red when naturel pigment such as Bengara is added.


This kit was created to pass on traditional knowledge and laquer reparation techniques. Everything needed to introduce a lifestyle of restoring precious ceramics that were once broken. This natural laquer kit will prepare you to start your journey of Kintsugi reparation.


Kit content:
30g of basic lacquer, makie powder (0.1g of gold keshi-fun and 0.5g of silver keshi-fun), 30g of Tonoko (clay powder), 7ml of Bengara (red pigment), sawdust and flour. Spatula, paint brush, sprinkle brush, glass plate, oil bottle, sand paper(#400 #800 #1500), tokusa plant, silk cotton, pipette, masking tape, measuring spoon, gloves (Plastic gloves are disposable. Please purchase according to your needs) and the manuel in English and Japanese includes links to video tutorials on YouTube.

Made in Japan

by Uruju (Kyoto)

Other things that you might need:
Tissue, food wrap, scissors, cutter or carving knife, Ethanol (you can substitute turpentine or kerosene), Urushi-buro (plastic/cardboard-box /paper box etc), cooking oil etc.


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